Apollo has built its name for being one of the leading data sources for for b2b sales. This sections going to breakdown how power users use Apollo to people’s print annual salaries in days.

You’ll be conducting majority of your work in the People/Search Tab


Apollo uses the concept of lists - powerful, (which you will use following similar naming conventions to that discussed above) which you will use to store and leads you find based on your search criteria.

To prevent conflicts you can also exclude previously reached leads, or leads that you’d like to avoid.

Job Title Search


Identifying your persona lets you know who within the company you want to target. If you’re selling to founders (who care about for e.g ESOPS (employee share schemes)) you may want to target just founders and not founder and ceo, in which case you can do a strict match by typing “founder”.


After finding the founder, you may be looking for someone who’s a technical founder vs a sales focused founder. In which case the Advanced search mechanism provided helps you drill down on the specifics.

In the above section you can do this by using the “Boolean Operators” by putting in an “AND” condition.

“AND” = Include all specified keywords

“OR” = Include any of the specified keywords

“AND NOT” = Exclude the following keywords

For our above example you will search for founder AND CTO OR Chief Technology Officer

Once you’ve entered the filter criteria your results will show. Next step is to save these results to a lead list. Click on the checkbox and you can manually select 25 leads at a time, or 1k leads based on your Apollo plan.

Otherwise you can use instant data scraper’s chrome extension to game the system and bypass their restrictions.



Next step is to name your lead list, in this case “Founder - All - Global” following the naming convention agreed to above.