Clay is categorically one of the most powerful lead scraping softwares in the market. It is the swiss army knife and the best part, not many people know of it “yet”.

You can access completely blue ocean/untapped markets at scale with Clay.

In effect it is an extremely powerful Google and LinkedIn, scraper.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to find 1000s of direct, verified email addresses of local Mortgage Brokers in San Franscisco within 5 minutes.

Within Clay, click on “Create New Blank Table”. Once there, select “Import Data” and choose Google Maps as your data source.

Your search query will contain the niche you’re looking for, in this case “mortage brokers”, this can be “carpenting services” or anything else.

Find the longitude and latitude of your locality using LatLong or just use Google Maps to get that information to fill into the fields

A “Google Maps” Column will appear and you’ll see it get filled with “Business Found” outputs.

Next, you’re going to extract their Company Name, Contact details, Website, Google Reviews & Number of Reviews

Do this by clicking on the expansion logo

You’re going to map each column you care about directly to the table, and create new columns appropriately (your choice what you want to name the columns)

You table should be looking like this right now:

Now you’re going to use the data provided to scrape your lead’s website to find any email addresses that might be present on their website.

Select the website column as your Website URL data source. Once this finishes you’re going to be getting classified data which you can use for different aspects of your cold email